10-20 May

May 23   

Betatesting phase starts.
Report any script bugs,
missed links and stuff
directly to me!
Check out top10 and the review
of our "Descent" artpack on hirez.org

Milk2, solo pack by Sprocket
was suddenly released on days,
featuring strange images,
created digitally without
any drawing.

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Two new Breakbeat Style Mp3's
by HarDrum are released..
Check out his smashing beats!

Latest 5 releases

1. "Subway" by HarDrum [MP3]
2. "No Communicate" by HarDrum [MP3]
3. "Temple Of Darkness" by AmGorb [IT - 8bit version]
4. GALZA: ASCII Compilation #3
5. Artpack #27: Descent

Global Bugfix
Almost all should work normally
http downloads
1. Link fanstuff releases via http
2. More Sorting options for mods
3. IE Support for
Chain Of Da Monstah
4. Guestbook
New music and
artpack preparations.
Well. It's rather quite now..

past news