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Our most successfull project is Harm - Hellraiser's Alternative Russian Magazine. It's not a typical emag as the ones you're maybe used to read. It's a shout. A pain. Masterpiece ascii graphics, actual news on russian undeground scene, reviews, ratings, tutorials, literature and more, more, more. Qualitative background music with a unique textmode shell formed different mood in every issue of Harm. Every issue was a bomb that got full attention of russian scene for weeks.. We are proud of this project. Last edition is dated November 1998. No, we dont plan to release any issues in the nearest future.

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On the second anniversary of HRg we held a real exhibition of our arts, printed and placed in the halls and along the ladders of the Foundation of Artistic Handcrafts of Russian Federation. We got a lot of attendance and positive feedback on this project. Here is the whole site devoted to Heritage, it contains a lot of photo material and gives a real feeling of the exhibiton. This symbios of digital art and music we made was so interesting for us to create that we plan to perform Heritage 2 in the autumn 1999. If you have any suggestions or are willing to help us and/or participate, please contact us.

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It's pure fanstuff. Alcoholic community performing mad actions, such as "Extremal Jump from the Bridge into the Fontanka River", "Brutal Winter Dancing with the Bullets in the Heads" or even "Snowman that Rules the Nightmares".. It's all recorded, video captured, soundtracked and available here also with some tunes that have hit russian FM stations this winter.. We've even heard about people babbling that our drunky Titanic theme remix was recorded by them.. Hehh...What could be a better prove of success then plagiarism?

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Please don't disturb. It's in the progress...