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It's all started from a bunch of people hanging out at "hellraiser][", "our compaska" and "black pearl" bulletin board systems in 1996. Inspired by the example given by such legendary idiots as DOD, Sodom and RTA, and beeing so fascinated by the term "underground scene" they decided to organize a new local group. The titles of "founder" and "Axe keeper" of the group, the honoured and unremovable, is by right kept by Death Lord. Additionally the guys coded, composed some tunes and drew some strange combinations of sticks, letters and dots on their monitors... Not having couriered anything at all, driven by the creative enthusiasm of Corpse and Iron_Lung, the group soon became completely oriented on production of art and music. During the first year of existence it formed its own concept and creative style.

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On the second year it became obvious that alone we can't keep it, and the group became international. Among russian members, the group contains artists and musicians from USA, Canada, Belgium and Norway. Artists from Germany, Finland and Sweden participated in our packs, too. On one hand, it's hard to co-operate with someone who lives across the ocean, you have to claw your way through the language barrier and differences in perception, especially in such delicate areas as music and art. On the other hand, we are glad to prove the internationality of culture and the fact that we share the same idea once more.

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In the future we are planning to continue sharing our vision of this world and to try forming it anew in the minds of our audience. We also plan to advance our art seriously participating in exhibitions, such as Graphid 1999 (we've got first diploma on Graphid'98) and promote our music wisely, working with record labels. We believe that all we need is recognition, so we will continue our fanatic work on our production. We hope that our art and music won't stop and will advance along with us and along with you. We want more feedback from the ones who're supposed to be our public. And this site is one of our first attempts to do it. We'll be glad to see you here again and again.