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The main environment that the HRg experiment takes place in is the modern electronic space. Digital art is still a very young movement. It does not simply mean images made on a computer. There's the target audience, too, and the form it exists and reaches you in. It's the original genres such as ascii, ansi, 3D and pixel graphics. It has its own traditions, its own classics, and the most important thing: unlimited capabilities which have only begun to unfold, such as the interactivity, the accessibility, the ability to be copied without limit, and the huge prospects opening as the technology advances.

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The concept of the HRg art experiment is an effort to combine the technology of digital art media and our vision of the world around us. To find such a way to express it that was not possible until now by means of traditional genres, like painting, photography or sculpture. To learn how strong an instrument this new media is, and to try to be the first to find and taste the new abilities it gives. To pave the way for those who will continue doing it and to prove the very existance of digital art as a new kind of craft.

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On the present stage of our exploration there's an artpack coming each month (the report about the present results of our experiment, containing all of our worthy works on this path). The latest release is always available here. We're constantly seeking for people ready to help us or participate in this process together with us. If you're ready to spend your time and creativity, to make efforts in this direction - then contact us. Or just examine our achievements and tell us what you think about them. It would already be your first move on the way to us...